Many questions come from our customers, what is a seo (google) compatible website, how to make a seo compatible web page, will you do seo for the website, will our website be compatible with current seo algorithms.

10 August, 2022 / None

Many questions come from our customers, what is a seo (google) compatible website, how to make a seo compatible web page, will you do seo for the website, will our website be compatible with current seo algorithms. We are sure that you are wondering what are the advantages for the website when it is SEO compatible. In order to make the subject easily understandable, we would like to share our knowledge and inform you about the setup and implementation of seo compatibility. When you read our article, you will know what is a seo compatible website. Let's start our topic.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization, that is, abbreviated from its English name, SEO (search engine optimization); We can say that we shape and knead the website with appropriate techniques in order to look cute to the bots of the current search engines (the most well-known one is google), which we find by searching websites, not only to look cute, but also to appear as the authority of this business.

Pay attention to the internal seo criteria that Google expects on your website.
The primary structure we use while making our websites is to construct the in-site optimization structure, which we call internal SEO, to connect the web pages with each other within the framework of logic, not only to connect, but also to indicate to search engines what information the page of our website is accessed and for what purpose it appeals to people. This technique, which is applied in the setup of a SEO compatible website, includes internal seo; that is, we can say that the structured search engine optimization compatibility within the website. Spiders belonging to search engines; In other words, when the search engine bot reaches your web page, they follow certain paths and record your site by indexing and ensuring that your site is found in the associated categories. While we deliver the websites to you, we construct and implement this structure, and deliver your website in compliance with the internal seo rules. If the web page is coded properly with the current code structure and compatible with Google, search engine bots will easily record your pages within the system they are accustomed to when they come to the site. Your website, which can introduce itself to Google bots with the right keywords and quality organized tags, will get good scores and rise in the rankings with easy steps.

What are the Elements to Consider in Internal SEO Practice?
As a matter of fact, in order to make an SEO compatible website, we need to make a web design in accordance with SEO rules and apply the criteria that Uncle Google has asked us; The list of all these details will be quite fluffy, without making the subject too complicated, we share with you 6 indispensable tips of this list.

1. The keyword must be included in the URL link of your relevant web page.

2. The keyword must be used in the title field that we call "Title".

3. It is obligatory to use the keyword in the description field called "Description".

4. You can use it in the "Keyword" field, because Google has reduced the reputation of the words used in the Keyword field with its recent updates.

5. Do not forget to use ALT tags in your images.

6. Make sure to tag "Canonical" on your pages with similar content.

Apart from these six rules; It is also very important that your web page speed, images and other content files are optimized and compressed, and that the hosting area you host does not serve the parties that search engines give negative points.

In addition, this business has a branch and method, which we call external seo, which requires a separate area of ​​expertise. It is a form of application that should be done by people who are experts in external seo studies. However, some companies that make web pages in our country may slander you by saying, "We do free SEO on your website, and we even do this best." This statement does not seem realistic to us. For this reason, we will not pontificate about external seo.

Act by taking services in line with the consultancy of people who are also experts in external seo.

Now we are planning to smack you about external SEO. You will be able to benefit from our SEO products, which we will add with the update we will make to our website very soon, and you will be able to rank higher with your Google compatible website by getting SEO services from us. It would be beneficial for you to consult our company in order to have a website that contains the necessary criteria in terms of SEO. Are you ready to rank high in google searches as an SEO compatible website owner?